Windows And Doors

Windows and Doors

Windows & Doors are a large purchase (usually $3,000-10,000+) which beautifies a home, adds to its value--and ideally pays for itself in energy savings. There are many different types of windows:  vinyl, wood, etc.  and many different levels of energy efficiency and functionality.  The bottom line is that radio listeners can be motivated to contact your Window & Door company by addressing their fears (i.e. of energy lost "blowing money out the window") and their hope of gain. Some of the fears and possibilities affiliated with buying--or not buying--new Windows and Doors are listed below. Click through to find more-developed creative campaigns.
Affiliated Fears:
  • I live in a house with drafts coming from my windows and doors, and I know I'm losing a fortune on my energy bill

  • My doors or windows are ugly

  • My windows are cracked or rotting

  • I'm going to sell my house in the near future and I know my windows or doors bring down its curb appeal and its value

  • Affiliated Possibilities:

  • My windows and doors look great and they pay for themselves every few years.

  • The value of my home just went up

  • The air-conditioner doesn't come on as often in the summer, and the furnace doesn't have to work as hard in the winter

  • Did I mention I'll be saving hundreds of dollars a year for the next 25 years and beyond?

  • The windows open just the way I want them to, and they're easy to clean.

    Other Positions / Strategic Starters:

  • They Just Might Be The Best Windows The World's Ever Known jingle

  • Where Workmanship and Quality Are Our Top Priority jingle featuring Serena Ryder

  • A thank you from the president of Big Oil to all those who haven't yet purchased new windows & doors...

  • Aw...the Seventies...gas was 19 cents a litre...

  • We're in the 22nd that my house? The windows still look good

  • It Pays To Go With The Name You Know jingle

  • Prospective home buyers: "XYZ Windows? Oh Jim, we've just GOT to have this house!"

  • George Bush press conference: a pre-emptive strike against the high cost of heating your home...

  • The sound of blowing your money out the window...

  • Tactic 5...and the cost? You don't even have to worry about the cost (Strategic phrase that sells!)

    Still in progress (not on this demo version of the site):

  • A New View For You And Your Home jingle

  • Let The Sunshine In jingle