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Two-Minute Mini-Demo
A quick montage of some of our work.

Note:  Please allow a 10-15 seconds for the MP3's to may have to restart them once or twice.

Just a random sampling of some of our 1500+ branding campaign-starters (most of which are available to your clients)

Note: Each of these samples are a single track in a package with 10-15 variations (:30's and :60's). These feature the mainly-singing variation of the :30 section of the package.

Here's the cool part. With so much creative inventory, we almost certainly have something that will excite some of your clients.  Or we can create something completely original to meet their needs.

Consider these as idea starters...and whatever further questions you may have, the answer is "YES!" and we'll figure out how later. Oh. Or you can ask us.

Benjamin Moore Paint Stores
"Now That's Beautiful"
Benjamin Moore has beautiful stores, and beautiful TV commercials...but radio?  Er not so much.  So we created this to play to radio's emotional strength, while underscoring Benjamin Moore's new strategy as the environmentally-friendly paint. Nine stores in Southwestern Ontario use this piece of music as the bedrock of their commercials. 

Kingston Dodge Chrysler
"I Love My Car"
Theresa was driving around in her new Sebring
one day and she said, "Y'know. I LOVE my car!"
And we thought: what a perfect feeling for a car
dealership to express! Bottom line, this jingle
captures the essence of the exhiliration you hope
for when you leave the dealership as a thrilled
customer. There's a whole ad campaign that
goes with this. 

Mercedes Benz Dealerships 
"This Is Your Time"
Part of a series of commercials designed to make Mercedes Benz stand out better on radio. We got tired of hearing laundry lists of product models and sale here's the emotional edge that takes that person who was about to buy a Lexus, BMW or Acura and makes them visit their Mercedes dealer.

Chateau Roofing
"The Pilot Ad"
When one of our writers came up with this
concept, we knew it was a winner. What a fun
way for a roofing company to tout excellence!
The radio station did well by us: Chateau
signed up for a sizeable campaign and became
committed to radio. The client hinted to us
that this ad has paid for itself "a hundred times
over." Chateau has each of their customers
fill out a form that asks "Why did you call us?"
and $55,000 of new business answered some
variation of "We heard the ad with the pilot."

Studio 99
"Studio 99"

A tiny spa in a small city of 70,000...but
such an evocative piece of music it might be
a good fit for an art shop, a clothing store,
a club or funky restaurant, or a hair salon.

Hi-Tech Energy Windows

"President Of Big Oil"

You may have heard Bob Souer's voice
on the History Channel, but never like
this! There are two things we particularly
like about this ad...the strategic call-to-
action, and the sung tagline which seems
to always appeal to Window clients.
As a piece of strategy, this ad and its
accompanying ad campaign would work
equally well for an air-conditioning /
heating client.

Coldwell Banker or other Realtor
"Real Estate Sign"

This one needs no explanation. It was
sold to Sutton Realty in Southern Ontario,
who signed up for a full year with the radio
station based on it.

Nick Nicholas Ford & Gulf Coast Ford
"Your Ford Connection"

What do you do when two Ford dealers
want to share the same ad campaigns? You
brand them as "Your Ford Connection" as
we did for these two Florida Ford Stores, and
then used the same jingle again for two Ford

dealers along the Oregon-Washington border.
Each dealer gets his own distinctive jingle
package (i.e. a package which doesn't
include the second dealer's name) and
for times they want to advertise together,
here's the branding music.

My personal favorite...this week!

"Make Your Home A Comfort Zone"

One of our most sellable phrases and
jingles. Heating and Air-Conditioning
businesses, window companies, carpeting,
even furniture stores have responded
warmly to this! Maybe there's someone
in your area who wants to be the "Make
Your Home A Comfort Zone" advertiser.

NPH Christian Bookstore and Giftshop
"Treasures For The Heart, Mind and Soul"

One of the demos given to NPH in Milwaukee.
They chose one of our other approaches to
incorporate a handbell choir, but this is just
such a nice way to phrase religious books
and gifts.