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Radio or Television Advertising?

You should consider getting a jingle if (one or more):

  • You have a web address, phone number or name you want people to automatically remember when they think of your product

  • Your competitors advertise and you want to stand apart from them

  • You spend more than $10,000 a year on broadcast advertising

  • You're using more than one radio or television station and you'd like to bring consistency and strength to your broadcast and online video advertising for the years ahead

  • Your commercials blend in with other ads and you'd like to STAND OUT

  • You'd like to get a higher return on your broadcast advertising investment year after year

  • Your advertising is emotive (i.e. you want your radio or television commercials to give people a feeling)

  • To ENSURE with absolute certainty that listeners know WHOSE commercial they just heard, and what ACTION they must take

To work, advertising must STAND OUT from the clutter.  If your advertising blends in with other commercials, chances are your business won't achieve maximum results. To be sure every dollar of your advertising investment delivers for you, your commercials should be OutStanding.

For outstanding radio, jingles and sound design are a strategic branding tool aimed at making listeners visit your store, call you or go to your website.  You choose the action...we make sure it happens!


...because we have the same goal as you, and we're proud of it.  We want to make you wealthier by making your advertising investment work for you.

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